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The following pages are dedicated to our fellow Mad Dogs: those individuals who will never be chained in one yard. This is for the other brave and bristling spirits who navigate through time and space by a thread of true will, without so much as a backward glance at the bitter hearts and dogmas that would shackle them. Here is an oasis for our fellow tramps. As we navigate through this hostile land ruled by deranged pound puppies that would have us do as they do, this place will serve as a momentary refuge.
The things presented here are not "the way" or "the light". They are simply a record of our own exploits, and sometimes the fruit of those adventures. We offer them here for all of our ilk just as those who strove before us, (and strive still in their moment in time) handed their notes to us as kindling for the fires of wanderlust.

You will do with them what you will.

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Web of Words

A fusion of lucid storytelling and stunning processed photography, Web of Words is designed to communicate its message both subtly and directly.
Language shapes our perception of the world around us and within us. Through the creative construction and deconstruction of the written and spoken word we bring you the power to play with the fabric of reality. This book works to engage both your rational waking consciousness and the deeper pre-linguistic subconscious mind for maximum absorption of the teaching presented.
16 Detailed experiments will guide you through a process for unlocking your hidden creative potential. There are explanations here for the hungry intellect, but beware, each page has been carefully crafted to awaken something ancient and startling within the reader.

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KROKOS - Graphic Booklet

Krokos is a collection of eighteen magickal rituals. With a 84 pages in all, Krokos features 42 beautiful black and white graphics to accompany each ritual. These rituals are intended for experimental use by anyone interested in self knowledge and magick. They may be used as keys to gain access to the hidden corridors that link the temporal self to the eternal self, the mortal human machine imprisoned in time to the immortal being locked outside of time. Without explanation or expectation, these rituals are offered to the reader as both works of poetry and magick, to be used as you will.
84 Pages
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The Ancient Art of Protection - Graphic Booklet

Using avant-garde images and a flowing web of words, we examine the real meaning behind the merger of the Bank of America and Nations Bank. Upon close examination of the merger, we can see that the instinct for protection and self –preservation mutated out of control and the ultimate result was violent. Instead of working for the being (or the corporation) it actually ate it from the inside, destroying the original entity.
Take a close look, look beyond the image into the subtle knowledge it has to offer. By understanding the fall of Bank of America, we can begin to understand universal patterns and work against the tide.
The Art of Protection
Exquisite B&W images on every page
52 Pages
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